A Fan-Favorite Zaxby's Snack Is Now A Permanent Menu Item

There has been quite a bit of experimentation with limited edition fast food menu items. Many quick-service spots have loyal followings, so it feels like it's never a bad time to throw something new and exciting on the menu to see how customers react. Chicken sandwiches are the perfect example — nearly every fast-food restaurant that serves chicken has come up with its own version of the chicken sandwich in the last few years, following the lead of places such as Chick-fil-A. Even Panera tested out new chicken sandwiches recently, per Chew Boom.

Zaxby's is a fast-food restaurant that mostly serves the Southeastern part of the United States. Customers flock to the chain for its chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, and wings, though some specialty items have become favorites through the years, too. Now, the restaurant recently announced that one of its fan-favorite side orders has officially made the cut as a full-time menu item.

Zaxby's is permanently bringing back a much-loved side dish

Pickle lovers, rejoice: Zaxby's has announced that its fried pickles are the restaurant chain's newest permanent addition. In a May 2022 press release, the eatery revealed that it is bringing back fried pickles year-round rather than just as a limited-time offer available in certain months, as they previously were.

"Our customers have always loved Zaxby's cornmeal-dusted crispy version paired with our creamy, cool ranch sauce," Stephanie Gamble, vice president of menu innovation at Zaxby's, said in the release. "It's the perfect summer snack, and now we'll have it all year round." The dill pickles are first coated in cornmeal batter, then fried and served with buttermilk ranch. They are available in two ways. Customers can either order them as a separate menu item or add them as a side dish to a meal. The press release also notes that pickle prices may vary depending on the Zaxby's location.