Insomnia Cookies' New Flavors Are Inspired By The Classic State Fair

There are a few things that state fairs are known for: rides, carnival games, baby animals, and, of course, food. Nothing quite caps off an evening at the annual state fair like munching on a big, warm funnel cake doused in powder sugar. What better way to get yourself ready to ride the Ferris wheel or those big swing rides than chowing down on some french fries and fried Twinkies? However, these are only a few of the craziest foods you'll find at fairs, which only adds to that authentic and wonderful carnival experience. But what if there was a way to enjoy those delicious funfair flavors in the comfort of your own home and in the form of, say, a cookie?

Insomnia Cookies had the same idea. In case you aren't familiar with Insomnia Cookies, this Pennsylvania-based cookie company is well-known for making wild and fantastical takes on your everyday cookie. For the Christmas season, for example, the company released a variety of holiday-themed flavors such as "Candy Cane, Spicy Hot Cocoa, and Hot Cinnamon Whiskey" (via Insomnia Cookies' website). To celebrate Spring, Insomnia released the limited-time flavors Hibiscus Berry and Lemon Poppy Seed to capture those first few notes of an arriving spring, per QSR Magazine.

But just how exactly will Insomnia Cookies capture the deep-fried tastes of the state fair in a cookie?

Insomnia Cookies' new flavors range from churros to pie

According to a recent Instagram post, Insomnia Cookies' newest cookie line-up is inspired by certain treats and snacks you'd associate most with the state fair. While these flavors, unfortunately, don't include funnel cakes, fried Oreos, or chocolate-covered bacon, these carnival-themed treats consist of the Deluxe Stuffed Churro, Caramel Corn, and Blue Ribbon Blueberry.

The Deluxe Stuffed Churro is described as being made with churro dough that's stuffed with a "chocolate cookie butter" and then topped with cinnamon sugar. The Caramel Corn appears to be Insomnia Cookies' take on your average box of Cracker Jacks, with the cookie filled with peanuts, toffee bits, chunks of caramel, and actual pieces of caramel-covered popcorn. The Blue Ribbon Blueberry is, of course, a spin on the classic State Fair pie contests, featuring a cookie that's a combination of blueberry, graham cracker pieces, and oats to make a sort of handheld blueberry pie.

Insomnia Cookies announced that these confections are currently available in stores and for shipping starting May 31. However, if it's popular enough, Insomnia fans could see this lineup expanded in the future. As noted by Spoon University, fried Snickers bars, fried PB&J sandwiches, and cheesecake on a stick are also popular fair dessert foods, and who wouldn't want to see them transformed into cookies?