White Castle Chicken Rings Can Now Be Made At Home

White Castle is primarily known for its sliders, those small hamburgers that are served with diced onions and pickles. But White Castle also has an impressive collection of sides to accompany the famous miniature hamburgers such as crinkle fries, onion rings, clam strips, and chicken rings.

Joining the likes of Burger King's Chicken Fries in a unique spin on the conventional chicken nugget, White Castle's chicken rings are admittedly something of an oddity that people are both fascinated and disturbed by. White Castle raved back in 2020 that an apparent "86% of respondents would give their friends and loved ones White Castle Chicken Rings over chicken nuggets" while NPR staff members found themselves caught in a debate whether to love or revile the deep-fried rings of poultry. Whether there are people who love them or hate them is, in the end, irrelevant, as the chicken rings have remained a staple of White Castle's menu for years and they show no signs of going away any time soon.

For those who can't resist grabbing a few rings to snack on alongside your Slider, you needn't drive all the way to White Castle to satisfy your chicken ring cravings. All you'll need to do is swing by the freezer section of your local grocery store.

White Castle's chicken rings will be at a store near you

As Nation's Restaurant News reports, America's oldest burger chain is teaming up with frozen food distributor Bellisio Foods in order to sell their chicken rings at retail stores across the United States. Fans of the chicken rings will have their choice of either picking up a box of Original or Spicy rings. As CEO of Bellisio Foods Steve Young explains, this move is being done for two main reasons regarding consumer behavior.

"With consumers turning to the frozen aisle for new innovation, and snacking at home doubling over the past two years," Young explains (via QSR Magazine), "this is the perfect time to fulfill consumer needs for more delicious options."

While a concrete date for the release of the frozen chicken rings has not been confirmed — the only timeframe is sometime in summer 2022 — the chicken rings will be joining White Castle's other entrees in grocery store freezers. According to White Castle, a wide variety of sliders, such as the classic sliders, jalapeño cheese sliders, or breakfast sliders, are all currently available in grocery stores across America. Time will tell if the chicken rings will be as good as they are at White Castle, or if you're better off buying them fresh at the restaurant alongside a few menu hacks to spice it up.