Paula Deen's Sheet Pan Pork Couldn't Be Easier

Sheet pan dinner recipes work wonders on busy weeknights. But if you don't know where to start, even one-pan meals can be intimidating. Enter Paula Deen's sheet pan pork recipe, which she shared on Instagram in May. 

This dish is simple to make and easy to remember, and the colors of the ingredients make for a lovely presentation. It's perfect to impress your significant other, especially if they're convinced (for whatever reason) that you don't know how to cook. And you can customize the veggies you include to suit your tastes.

You only need a few items for this meal, and all of the ingredients should be easy to find at your local grocery store, if they're not in your pantry already. There's just one must-follow note here: Deen emphasizes that pork tenderloin, in particular, is needed for her recipe. A tender cut of pork is essential for this easy-to-make meal.

The tricks of Paula Deen's trade

Paula Deen's sheet pan pork recipe works best in a baking tray. Deen preheats her oven to 425°F so that it's hot already by the time it's needed, per the sheet pan pork recipe published in Cooking with Paula Deen

The question is then: what will happen to green beans and the cherry tomatoes if they're left at the same temperature for the same amount of time needed to cook the pork and potatoes? You guessed it: They'll burn to a crisp. That's why with this recipe, Deen recommends adding the cherry tomatoes and green beans after the pork has been cooking for 30 minutes. One of the big reasons meals are cooked in more than one pot is because different recipes require specific cooking temperatures, so this simple trick feels like a cooking revolution.

The chef has another trick up her sleeve to make cleanup a breeze, too. Roasts tend to leave a stubborn residue at the bottom of pots or pans, so Deen lines her pan with tinfoil.