There's Now An Entire Website Dedicated To The #DariusCrooks Drama

Times sure have changed for Darius "Cooks" Williams. Back in 2011 celebrity chef Sunny Anderson had him on her beloved show, "The Kitchen," but these days she's tweeting out a website to her many thousands of followers that details the complaints against the embattled chef.

Per her Twitter account, Anderson has clearly had enough of Williams's antics, which have since generated their own amusing hashtag, #dariuscrooks. In a recent tweet, the normally happy-go-lucky Anderson posts, "Please use this link to learn about and read up on Darius Williams aka Darius Cooks aka #DariusCrooks," and then provides the web address to the site.

Described as a "culinary entrepreneur" by Black Enterprise, the Williams controversy stems from the chef allegedly leaving a lot of people very unhappy since they paid money for products (cookbooks, accessories, etc.), tickets to events, or both, and got nothing in return. As a result, the Better Business Bureau of Metro Atlanta has issued a warning to Williams because the agency has received more than 100 complaints from dissatisfied consumers (per Black Enterprise). His company, DariusCooks, LLC currently sports an unfavorable "F" rating because customer complaints have gone unanswered. Cue, the enterprising people of the internet, determined to take matters into their own hands.

Here's what the #DariusCrooks website has to offer

The site calling out #DariusCrooks gets right down to business, with a headline of "Exposing a Crook" at the top. It lists a number of articles, videos, media coverage, and more detailing complaints against Darius Williams. "This list is by no means exhaustive," the site reads, noting that it's in regard to, "the bad business practices, fraud, and doxxing receipts that you may find posted in #dariuscrooks hashtag on Twitter." Presumably, the site will continue to update with additional allegations, should they come to light.

The doxing accusation, in particular, refers to a type of cyberbullying, which uses "sensitive or secret information, statements or records for the harassment, exposure, financial harm, or other exploitation of targeted individuals." One report by Fox 5 Atlanta includes a video of Williams talking about personal information he's received about his detractors, like who their kids are, where they've moved to or from, speeding tickets, etc.

Despite these accusations, Williams continues to boast 674,000 followers on Instagram, not to mention his other social media presences. Only time will tell if he's able to make peace with his angry customers, who clearly have been left with a bad taste in their mouths.