The One Cooking Method TikToker Nick DiGiovanni Can't Get Enough Of - Exclusive

Let's be real — the kitchen can be overwhelming (especially when you forget to take the chicken out of the freezer). Grilling, roasting, sautéing, and broiling are just a few methods that you can choose when deciding how to conquer dinner. But knowing what cooking method is the best one for you? Well, that might take some time to figure out. TikToker Nick DiGiovanni, however, knows exactly what method he is always using.

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Nick, with 8.8 million followers and 259 million likes to date, explained why he partnered up with FoodSaver for his new slew of recipe videos. If you are familiar with FoodSaver's vacuum sealers, then you may be able to guess which cooking method is Nick's favorite. The MasterChef contestant has a reputation for unorthodox recipes — his most recent videos showcase pesto butter, a 100-layer Oreo, and a lobster cooked in butter. DiGiovanni is clearly no stranger to the kitchen, as he revealed his love for one easy method.

Nick loves to use the sous vide method

If you haven't heard of sous vide, get ready for your mind to be blown. This long-cooking method places food into a vacuum sealing bag and then submerges that bag into warm water. Meat and fish are commonly used with this method, as it's a gentle cooking process that leaves food tender. 

Nick DiGiovanni explained, "One thing about sous vide is people actually have no idea how many applications there are. You can make a crazy number of things with sous vide, but I look at it as something to use for, to be honest, being a little bit lazy and making the food do the work for you." The content creator advises not to keep the food too close to the seal, as it can spill easily.

DiGiovanni continued, "You can take a ton of salmon, throw a giant dinner party, throw all the vacuum sealed sous vide salmon portions into a giant water bath, and then make some massive meal." FoodSaver produces vacuum sealing bags that are perfect for sous vide, as Nick describes this method as "second nature" for him. According to a press release sent to Mashed, Nick's upcoming recipes include on-the-go breakfast egg bites, lemon-and-mint-infused watermelon, chimichurri-marinated skirt steak, miso-marinated cod, sous vide chicken legs, and peach cobbler. Are you drooling yet?

Learn more about FoodSaver's vacuum sealers on their website or head to Nick DiGiovanni's TikTok page for more recipes and food tips.