Raising Cane's Has A Sweet Deal For National Iced Tea Day

Iced tea is a beloved beverage of choice for millions, so it only makes good sense that it should have its own day of distinction. Well, that day is officially here, as June 10 is National Iced Tea Day. The restaurant chain Raising Cane's has a special offer for the holiday.

Several other restaurants are marking the occasion of National Iced Tea Day, some of them all month long! For example, members of the Starbucks rewards program who buy an iced tea can get free refills on June 10, per Offers.com. The chain is also offering the same deal on brewed coffees. McAlister's Deli has an offer that lasts the entire month of June. The restaurant is selling a tea pass for $6.99 that will get you unlimited tea during the 30-day period. Also, today's the last day to register for a chance to win free tea from Gold Peak Tea, which is giving away 3,000 iced teas via online sweepstakes. Free tea delivered straight to your doorstep? That's refreshing!

Sometimes it's best to sit back and appreciate the simple things in life with a cold drink, and Raising Cane's might have just the thing for iced tea drinkers.

Raising Cane's is giving away iced tea.

Today only, fast-food chicken purveyor Raising Cane's is celebrating National Iced Tea Day by offering a special treat to customers in recognition of iced tea's awesomeness — a free 22-ounce iced tea for all members of their Caniac Club rewards program, per a company press release sent to Mashed. Members need only provide their Caniac Club Card or their member number to qualify for the deal.

It's easy enough to become a member if you're not already. Simply walk into a Raising Cane's location and request a Caniac Club card. Then, visit the Caniac Club page and register the card, fill in your information, and so on until the process is completed. Once that's taken care of, you're all set to partake in the iced tea and future rewards. As an added perk, new members receive a voucher for a Free Box Combo within 48 hours of registering. Yum!