Yogurtland's Summery New Flavor Is Only Available Online

Although frozen yogurt may never see the popularity that it had in 2012 again, froyo is not dead, at least not according to Yogurtland CEO Phillip Chang. Yogurtland's first location opened in 2006 in Fullerton, California, making the brand one of the first to provide self-serve frozen yogurt service in a style that has been copied across the nation and even internationally (via Yogurtland's official website). Now, the brand has over 250 locations, mainly in the U.S., but a few around the globe.

The froyo trend-setter has managed to stay relevant by releasing new flavors and products every year. To keep up with trends and customer preferences, the brand has added plant-based flavors and healthier alternatives like "fruit bowl fusions" and acai bowls. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Chang largely credits the brand's success to the research and development team that creates new flavors at a rapid pace, approximately 24 per year. This year, just in time for summer, Yogurtland has released refreshing new flavors with a tropical twist, and one of them is only available online.

Yogurtland's Strawberry Mangonada cup is sold exclusively on the store's website, app, and DoorDash

Nothing says summer like the sweet and tropical flavor of mango. Not only is this golden fruit in peak season during summer, but June happens to be National Mango Month (via Mango.org). In honor of this delectable fruit, Yogurtland created a signature menu item featuring a brand new soft-serve flavor: Strawberry Mango Sorbet.

The "Strawberry Mangonada" cup features the tropical sorbet topped with "chili chamoy gummy bears, Tajín, chamoy, fresh mango pieces, and strawberry burst boba," per a press release. If you've never had chamoy, it's made from "salted, pickled sour fruit," and hits every taste bud with its complex flavor (via Eater). The tang of the chamoy and spice of the Tajín will provide a nice contrast to the smooth, sweet sorbet. This specific "flavorologist-crafted" cup is available for a limited time and can only be purchased online.

However, the two new summer flavors — Passion Fruit Mango Tart and Strawberry Mango Sorbet — are available in stores, while supplies last. Both flavors contain real fruit, are gluten-free, and are "Vitamin C fortified" (via Yogurtland's official website). Sounds like the perfect recipe for a hot froyo summer.