The Cooking Competition Series That Has Reddit Divided

It's no secret that Food Network has changed a bit since its inception in 1993 (via Delish). At the time, the idea of a network dedicated to culinary programming garnered weird looks from investors and TV watchers alike, but look at them now (via WGBH). A few of the biggest stars that first appeared on the network in the late '90s and early 2000s are still beloved by fans today. When Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay, and Ina Garten first appeared on a network that many thought unlikely to succeed, no one could imagine the level of fame that they would achieve. This is also because these celebrity chefs' first shows were simple, instructional shows, not all the flash and drama that we see today.

There were no special effects to hide behind on these shows. The chefs had to have an engaging personality and cook at the same time, which was no easy task. Now, food competition shows dominate the network, and instructional shows are slowly dwindling away. One fan took to Reddit to express their dislike for this change in programming and received mixed reactions from fellow foodies.

Redditors have mixed feelings about Chopped

"Chopped" has been a popular show on Food Network since it premiered in 2007 (via IMDb). If you've never seen the show, four chefs compete in an appetizer, entree, and dessert round where they have to incorporate a basket of mystery ingredients. This cooking competition show is fast-paced and filled with drama, which doesn't sit well with some Redditors.

@Love_Pony posted in the r/foodnetwork Reddit thread that they are surprised "Chopped" is still on the air. "I have a deep-rooted hate for this show, along with most competitive cooking shows. Who is still watching it? Why can't we go back to proper instructional cooking shows," the user explained. Some Redditors agreed with the author of this post, including @washburncincy, who replied, "I don't harbor the same seething rage in relation to this show that you do, but I agree to a degree. It's been on for what, like 85 years now? Almost as long as 'Survivor.' I think it has run its course."

Meanwhile, other Redditors were protective of the show — and competition series in general. "My question to you is: who watches instructional cooking shows," replied one user. "They're so boring — 'Chopped' is alwaya interesting because there are new personalities in every episode. And the challenges are always different." Another Redditor had a different reason for enjoying the show, saying, "I like 'Chopped.' Some of the judges can be a-holes but I'd rather watch 'Chopped' than Guy Fieri 24 hours a day."