The Seltzer Hack You Never Knew You Needed

Seltzers have become a popular everyday drink for just about everyone everywhere. We are constantly seeing new types of seltzers on our Instagram feeds or in our grocery stores. There is a real difference between seltzer and sparkling water but according to The New York Times, seltzers have increased in sales tremendously and we can understand why. It's a great go-to beverage when you're tired of water but don't necessarily want a soda or cocktail. They're perfect for any occasion; birthdays, beach trips, picnics, or even a bachelorette party. They're great for everyone and add a little fun to your life with bubbliness and little bit of flavor.

However, sometimes those flavored seltzers have more of an essence of fruit than actual full-on fruit flavors. Some might even find it difficult to taste the flavor in a LaCroix and it can also be hard to find a seltzer that sits just right with your tastebuds. Lucky for you, there is a new trend going around that is the perfect seltzer hack, just in time for the summer. This tip from TikTok creator @katchaomeow helps you decide what extra flavor you want to add to your seltzer and how much exactly goes into it. We know it's important to enjoy every sip you take of your seltzer, and this might help you achieve that.

Put jam in your seltzer

At first, the idea can seem a little weird, but hear us out. One TikToker put jam in her seltzer and says it can help bring out some of the flavors the seltzer already has, plus you are able to add some of your own flavors to make it your own personal concoction. TikTok user Katchaomeow added two teaspoons of Bonne Maman raspberry-lychee preserves to a glass of ice and then added lime LaCroix, one of the most popular LaCroix flavors, and mixed it all up. It may appear a little unsightly at first, since the jam kind of clumps up in the glass of seltzer. But once you mix it all together the results are thirst-quenchingly good. Not only is the drink a beautiful color, but the taste is also magnificent. "It's so good you have to try it," Kat raves at the end of her video.

The comments in this video agree about this newfound drink as well. One user wrote, "I use the lingonberry syrup from Ikea in some Kirkland seltzer" while another wrote "Wait......adding jam to sparkling water?! Ma'am! This makes so much sense but I never thought of it." The Spruce Eats TikTok also posted about the hack, using tropical coconut seltzer with raspberry jam, calling the results "magical."

Stepping up your seltzer game

Something to be mindful about when mixing jams and seltzers is being sure to pair flavors that go well together. We recommend sticking to fruits and flavors you already enjoy together or have seen blended in other drinks. If you want to stick to some classics, some recommended flavor pairings for jam seltzers are Pamplemousse (grapefruit) LaCroix with apricot preserves, black cherry seltzer with raspberry or blackberry jam or preserves, and orange-flavored seltzer with peach jam (Via TheKitchn).

Now you can take this "magical" drink a step further and start making some delicious cocktails and mocktails. Commenters on the TikTok video mentioned adding rosé or sparkling red wine to their concoctions. Some people on Reddit talk about using jam for cocktails to help get rid of some of those unwanted preserves in your cabinet. One Redditor answered a request for jam cocktails saying "​​I think I just did like 2 oz gin, a bit of lemon juice and like a tsp of blueberry jam and just shook it and double strained." You could use that new jam mixed with gin and lemon and stir it into a blackberry seltzer and you've got a refreshing 3-ingredient drink for summer nights. Don't forget to drink responsibly and show off your new and improved seltzers.