Twitter Is Predicting The Newest Oreo Limited-Edition Flavor

Is there anything more classic than Oreo cookies? The best-selling cookie of the 20th century, The Daily Meal reports that the dunkable treat made its debut in 1912. Not only does that make Oreos more than 100 years old, but it also means that they've been around since before theĀ origin of chocolate chip cookies, which The Sugar Association says weren't created until the late 1930s.

Traditionally, Oreos were offered in a single flavor variety featuring two chocolate wafer cookies with a thin layer of vanilla creme in between. However, when the company celebrated the big 1-0-0 with the release of Birthday Cake Oreos in 2012, more variations have emerged. In the years since, People reported that there have been over 65 versions of the sweet snack introduced to the market and in just a few days, the lineup is going to be expanding once again.

On Tuesday, June 14, the official Oreo account shared a tweet teasing its latest creation, which will be officially revealed tomorrow afternoon. "Get a scoop of this. We're announcing a new limited-edition OREO Cookie flavor on our TikTok @theoreoofficial tomorrow at 12pm ET!" the company captioned a photo of a golden Oreo wafer cookie with a grid-like pattern printed on it. "Any guesses?" the brand asked, adding a string of emoji consisting of white, pink, and brown hearts at the end of the tweet.

Some think Walmart may have accidentally leaked Oreo's new limited-edition flavor

Oreo-loving Twitter sleuths were on the case this morning after the iconic cookie brand revealed it would be announcing a new, limited-edition flavor variety on their TikTok page tomorrow afternoon. Using clues from the company's tweet, several followers shared theories for what kind of confection Oreo has up its sleeves. Waffle was one incredibly popular guess amongst respondents, while some went a step further and speculated that waffle cone would be the brand's upcoming release. Others, meanwhile, took the wafer cookie's grid pattern as an indication that the limited-edition flavor would be inspired by some sort of pie, such as apple or blueberry.

All of these are plausible guesses that we're sure cookie lovers around the world would enjoy. However, one Oreo fanatic on Instagram is claiming that an entirely different flavor will soon be hitting shelves. "Neapolitan Oreos, coming soon! Listed on the Walmart site already," Instagram user @mustloveoreos declared in a post on June 7. "We're working with waffle-flavored cookies and three layers of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla cremes," they said.

In the comments section, the Instagrammer explained that the listing had already been removed from Walmart's website. However, based on the emoji included in Oreo's tweet this morning, the tri-colored flavor certainly makes sense. "Love Neapolitan too and cannot wait, hope they don't disappoint," another commenter said of the alleged flavor drop. For the sake of Oreo loves, we hope so, too!