Oreo's Newest Cookie Flavor Is Inspired By Cool Summer Treats

When you picture snacks for summer, you probably first think of cooling treats like fresh slices of watermelon, cones from the ice cream truck, or the many flavors of Slurpee. But with too many ice-cold summer snacks, you'll end up with a head freeze. There are plenty of other iconic summer foods to get you in the mood for sprinklers, barbeques, and beach days. Plus, our favorite snack brands are always ready to drum up a new flavor for the summer months. In the coming months, when you're going to the grocery store to pick up something to bring to the next social gathering, you'll have the option of a brand-new flavor of Oreos to bring to the table. 

Oreo cookies have announced a limited edition summer twist on the classic black-and-white sandwich cookie. Oreo began introducing special limited-edition flavors after their 100th anniversary in 2012 when they had a special Birthday Cake cookie to celebrate their centennial. Since then, according to People, they've released 65 limited-edition flavors, such as Gingerbread for the Holidays, Easter Egg, and Tiramisu (via The Impulsive Buy). Oreo loves to play around with its fans on social media, teasing upcoming flavors. On June 14th, they tweeted that there would be a flavor announcement on Tiktok the next day. 

And the newest flavor is...

After some fan predictions on Twitter yesterday, Oreo has finally announced its special summer flavor on social media channels — it's based on Neapolitan ice cream! For the uninitiated, Neapolitan refers to a style of ice cream that has three classic flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, side by side in a carton. In the cookie version, this will mean three different cremes in the middle of a waffle-cone-flavored cookie. Neapolitan ice cream, sometimes called Harlequin ice cream, originated in Naples, Italy. According to Ice Cream History, it was created by local chefs as a way to combine multiple flavors into one package for easy transport and consumption. The innovation worked, and Neapolitan ice cream became popular as soon as it hit the scene in the early 19th century. 

A Twitter user replied to the announcement asking when the cookie is going to be in stores, and Oreo replied that it will be available in mid-July. Some other big accounts got in on the fun — the Twitter account for the Empire State Building replied "I'm hungry," and @Oreo shot back "Neapolitan OREO cookies will do that to ya!" If you're impatient, Oreo has some other special flavors out right now — would you go with Lemon Creme or Firework?