Chipotle Is Testing Another Cauliflower Rice Flavor

While there are hundreds of ways to customize your Chipotle order, from adding pico de gallo to guacamole to extra cheese (all of which might cost you extra) one of the most popular ingredients is rice. The Mexican fast food chain is famously known for its Cilantro Lime Rice. However, it also offers brown rice and, previously if you were looking for a healthier, lower carb option, cauliflower rice. It was a limited-time addition to the early 2021 menu when the cauliflower craze was well underway. According to Chipotle, the Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice was vegan-friendly and contained just four grams of net carbs per serving.

Chipotle's original cauliflower rice was such a popular order when it first came out that the restaurant has recently decided to roll out another version for 2022. In a press release, Chipotle announced that it will be testing out Mexican Cauliflower Rice in select stores in the coming months. Here's what you need to know about the new menu item — and how you can try it for yourself.

Chipotle's Mexican Cauliflower Rice will only be available in some states

The Chipotle Mexican Cauliflower Rice, as the name suggests, is created to replicate the bold flavors of traditional Mexican rice. Per the announcement, the new cauliflower rice is made with a blend of garlic, paprika, cumin, and salt and is grilled fresh in-store every day. It's both vegan and grain-free and can be added to any order or enjoyed on its own as a side. For now, Chipotle says the Mexican Cauliflower Rice will only be rolled out in 60 stores across Arizona, Southern California, and Wisconsin as a pilot program and for a limited time. The brand also notes it will be available for "an additional cost" but doesn't specify how much that cost is (the original cauliflower rice was an extra $2). 

If you didn't get a chance to try the Chipotle Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice last year and are wondering if it was a tasty option, it did receive a bunch of mixed reviews. While some people loved it, like this one reviewer who called it "bomb," others weren't so impressed. One reviewer at Insider surveyed some of their friends on the rice and said, "Each of them agreed that their cauliflower was mushy and their serving was much smaller than expected." 

The best way to determine if the Chipotle cauliflower rice is a worthy side to your burrito is to give it a try yourself — if you're near the participating locations.