White Castle Offers A Beacon To Late-Night Snackers

What is it about the late hours of the night that makes us so hungry? We can all attest to having woken up in the dead of night, inexplicably hungry for a quick midnight snack from the fridge. Or maybe you're one of the night owls, more comfortable in the twilight hours than you are in the day, hitting up the bars and late-night restaurants long after the usual crowd's gone home. No matter who you are, there's a market catering to those who find themselves hungry for something quick and easy in those magical hours between dusk and dawn.

Jack in the Box offers hungry night-fliers Jack's Munchie Meal after 9 p.m., with every meal consisting of an entrée like burgers and chicken nuggets, two tacos, and a combination of curly and French fries topped off with a 20-ounce drink (via Jack in the Box). Waffle House locations are open 24 hours a day, offering sanctuary for those on the road or who need a place to rest and refuel on some fresh waffles and hash browns. Chipotle has even dabbled a bit in the late-night menu, offering $2 dollar tacos to customers who order drinks after 8 p.m. (via Nation's Restaurant News).

White Castle, for all those who see themselves as the next Harold and Kumar or just want a slider after dark, is taking its late-night menu a bit further than most.

White Castle offers late-night-themed fashions

As QSR Web reports, White Castle is offering everything from burgers to fashionwear, all for late-night patrons. Starting June 20, the night of the Summer Solstice, White Castle will offer a Crave Clutch"of 20 sliders packaged in a monster-themed carrying case. Customers can also get their hands on three exclusive new drink cups, decorated in dark purple, orange, and blue colors to celebrate White Castle's status as a "beacon" for late-night cravers.

It's not just burgers and cups White Castle is selling but also glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, ice buckets, and even an "LED gaming mousepad" for those midnight gamers who find themselves craving chicken rings or crinkle fries. These items can be purchased from the chain's House of Crave gift shop. White Castle does, however, want you to enjoy your late night out in a safe and responsible manner, offering "designated drivers" a free small Coca-Cola Freestyle drink between June 20 and July 4.

This isn't the first time White Castle has openly embraced its status as a late-night hotspot. In 2020, reports PR Newswire, White Castle celebrated the Summer Solstice by offering its Cocktails and Craves program in which customers could make their own custom cocktails. Some of these cocktails included an orange soda and beer, tequila and pink lemonade, and red wine and raspberry Sprite. While it seems these cocktails aren't on the menu at the time of writing, you'll still have some sliders and new swag to make up for it.