The Seltzer Alternative 'Karens' Can't Stop Talking About

A new kind of adult beverage is "flattening" the competition. Mom Water adds a new entry into the hard seltzer category without any bubbles, often referred to as a flat drink — and it's generating some Karen-worthy conversation. Mom Water is essentially a fruit-infused alcoholic water with no carbs, no sugar, and no carbonation. The lack of carbonation means that the product is technically "not a seltzer" although it's highly likely you'll find your cans in the same section at the store. 

Made by mom Jill and her husband Bryce Morrison as co-founders, the inspiration was to enjoy a beverage on vacation without the bloat as shared  with Mashed. In addition to nixing the bubbles of traditional seltzer, the products also contain only simple ingredients: "water, vodka, natural fruit flavors, and citric acid." One TikTokker said, "Yes!!! Finally one without carbonation! I can't do the bubbles bc they hurt my stomach."

And while the flat beverage is based on practicality, the names of the four different flavors are based all in fun. Tasters can try the Linda (Blueberry Peach), the Julie (Passionfruit), the Sandy (Coconut Mango), and the Karen (Lemon Blueberry). Believe it or not, the Karen can came before the meme.

I'd like another drink, Karen

Mom Water co-founder Bryce Morrison shares how the catchy names came about for flavor with Mashed. "We chose Karen as a name in January 2020, which was just before the meme started taking off. We just thought it was a 'generational' mom name that fit." In fact, the Karen can almost wasn't a Karen. "Then once the meme started blowing up, we actually started second guessing using the name, but we had invested our life savings into all the artwork, design, labels, etc. ... and to change and resubmit a label was costly so we just kept it in hopes of trying to give Karen's something nice for a change."

As for the other flavors, Linda is from, "the 'Listen Linda' video on YouTube. Jill and I just thought 'wow, that mom could use a mom water'" referring to the viral video of a very precocious young child. Sandy was inspired by, well, sand. Adds the co-founder, "This flavor was the most 'beachy' flavor we thought, so "Sandy" just kind of fit ... sounded very relaxed, mellow, and beachy."

Rounding out this lineup is the Julie, inspired by co-founder Jill's alter ego-in-charge of planning and packing. "Since Jill didn't want her name on a can, we put "Julie" on one as a fun little hidden easter egg," Bryce said. "It also happens to be passion fruit, which is the flavor that started it all when Jill fell in love with the drink on vacation."

Why moms can't stop talking about this drink

Moms on TikTok can't stop talking about this new take on seltzer. TikTokker sashiesashh shares her reviews saying, "MOM WATER IS A 10/10!! This is the FUTURE!!!" Mom TikTokker Jen Alamo shares her own unique viewpoint on each flavor, promising not to "call the manger" in a taste test where she describes different flavors as "like a lemonade" and "unbelievable" and has received over 183,000 likes. Replying to the review video, another TikTokker said, "Not carbonated?? My tummy says HELL YES!" to which another adds "I'm glad to know I'm not alone on not being able to handle carbonation!" and another user adds, "That was my reaction too. You mean no bloating?  TAKE OUR MONEY!!"

Replying to a video that shows how this flat beverage compares to the standard fizzy ones, watcher AnnaBau shares her anticipation, "*casually repeatedly refreshes the location map on the site waiting for something near me in FL to pop up*." Luckily for AnnaBau, Mom Water is now available in Florida as part of a 10-state direct distribution (as shared with Mashed). For those not yet part of the network, products can be purchased nationwide at ReserveBar in variety or single flavor packs.