Ree Drummond's Husband Just Suffered Another Injury On The Farm

Most people know Ree Drummond as The Pioneer Woman, the redheaded chef with a wildly popular cooking show and cookbooks filled with down-home, country-style recipes. But she's also well-known for her working cattle ranch in Oklahoma, where Ree lives with her husband Ladd and their children. Ladd has been a cattle rancher for his whole life, and Ree joined him at his family ranch.

Unfortunately, ranch life isn't all sunshine and rainbows — it can be tough. Just ask Ladd, who, in spring of 2021, broke his neck after crashing into his nephew's fire rig while fighting a fire on the ranch. He has since recovered from that accident, according to a blog post by Ree a year later saying, "Ladd is doing great. He's lifting weights. He's riding his horse. He's feeding cattle and doing all the work on the ranch he always did." However, Ladd recently experienced yet another injury on the ranch. Spoiler alert: He's completely fine, Ree reassured fans on Instagram.

Ladd Drummond was run over by a cow

Ree Drummond revealed her husband Ladd's most recent accident on Instagram on Friday, June 17. The video features Ladd playing with a puppy, as Ree asks how his day was. He responds that it was good, but then Ree pans the camera around and shows a gaping tear through the back of Ladd's shirt along with what looks like a deep gash. When asked what happened, Ladd explains, "A cow ran over me, knocked me down. I was like a turtle on my back out there." Despite the scratch, he went on to say, "My back doesn't hurt but she stepped on my leg. It hurts."

It's not the first time that Ladd has had a run-in with one of the cows on the ranch. In an Instagram Live video in April 2021, just a month after Ladd's major fire accident, Ree revealed that Ladd had gotten kicked in the head by a cow. Luckily, she said he was fine — just another day at the ranch.