The Hell's Kitchen Series Twitter Is Begging Gordon Ramsay For

Gordon Ramsay fans are all incredibly familiar with one of his more famous shows, "Hell's Kitchen." The competition show is what sparked many fan's admiration for Chef Ramsay as they returned year after year to watch Ramsay yell at culinary hopefuls vying for a spot as an Executive Chef at one of his restaurants. While some other shows like "Masterchef" have solidified Ramsay's legacy as one of the top in his craft, arguably, none has done quite as good a job shooting him to fame as "Hell's Kitchen" has.

While "Hell's Kitchen" scandals and over-the-top moments, the show has still managed to stay on air for 20 seasons, with fans still clamoring for more content (via Fox). And not only do they want the regular format back, but they're calling for a change-up or spin-off, but not in the way one might expect. Fans on Twitter have sparked notice with their call for a surprising version of the show.

The Twitch treatment

The original tweet claimed, "We as a society need hell's kitchen: twitch edition," with similar sentiments in the comments ranging from the clever offering of the title "Hell's Twitchen." One user wrote, "This is that thing you never knew you needed but you end up needing it to survive."  For those unfamiliar, Twitch is a platform where creators can livestream content and interact with fans. It is often used to by video gamers who broadcast the game they're playing while others watch and chime in. It has even been used to fundraise for charity while streaming.

It appears that a Twitch version of "Hell's Kitchen" would allow fans to weigh in with thoughts, competition ideas, and more while they watched the show. Ironically, Gordon Ramsay was the first meme of 2022 due to his lack of familiarity with the platform, so it's good that producers would be in charge if this version of the show ever materialized. Nothing seems to have been confirmed or acknowledged by the actual "Hell's Kitchen" team just yet, but as shows adapt more to new tech, one has to wonder if something like this could be on the horizon.