The Internet Is Raging Over A Burger King Employee's Reported Work Anniversary Gift

When you work at a place for a long time, you start to get to know people. Co-workers become family and you get a sense of community with them. It could be any job, and while there is no job is perfect, work becomes a lot more tolerable when you have people that know and care about you. If you have better there a long time, even the management will give you something as a way of saying "You've stuck it out with us for this long, so we want to show our appreciation too." A long-time employee at a car dealership in Lexington, Kentucky for example, was awarded a brand new car for 40 years of work (via ABC 36 WTVQ). 

Even certain big-name companies give their long-time employees rewards for their loyalty. A Burger King employee who worked there for 27 years received a gift signifying gratitude for his outstanding record and dedication. The employee showed off his gift, apparently happy about the generous surprise he received. Although you would think people online would be happy for the employee, some commenters on Twitter seem furious about what exactly the man's gift was, with some even calling it a sad excuse for a gift for such a loyal worker.

The gift was a goodie bag

According to Marca, the Burger King employee's gift was a goodie bag consisting of some candy, a keychain, a movie ticket, and other items. While the employee apparently seemed touched by the gift, others were appalled that the man's hard work was rewarded with such "cheap" trinkets. Users on the subreddit r/ABoringDystopia were very outspoken about what they saw as Burger King being thoughtless to their employees. "Just me or am I the only one who's surprised he didn't and expected him to snap? Genuinely can't imagine living like this," wrote one Redditor. "I'd do whatever it took to change it or finish myself off if I was stuck with this kind of life style."

"Burger King, like all other fast food places are corporate thieves that will stop at nothing to profit from everyone, not too mention take advantage of young workers, which is why I don't ever eat at any of these places," another user ranted. Others, however, noted that due to the "homemade" style of the gift, it was more or less a gift put together by the man's co-workers as a surprise gift. This would explain why the man seemed grateful in the video, as it was a generous gift from friends at work. If you want to show employees at the chain that you care, maybe it's best to read up on some of the mistakes you can avoid making at Burger King to make their lives easier.