That Time Redditors Confused Gordon Ramsay For A Meme

Mistaking someone's identity is a terrible situation to be in. We've all experienced the embarrassment of honestly believing a person to be someone who they're not — and being suddenly faced with an overwhelmingly friendly stranger is not a comfortable position to be put in.

It stands to reason that celebrities are less likely to suffer this alarming fate: their faces are everywhere, making them instantly recognizable. Mistaking Joe Biden for Kim Kardashian is pretty unlikely, for example. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and racing driver Nico Rosberg, with both becoming victims of an online mix-up.

An image uploaded to Reddit by user MaxOverload15 showed a pixelated person with blond hair and a white top beside a red racing car and what appeared to be the obscured phrase "Formula 1." The Redditor asked if the image depicted Gordon Ramsay, but commenters clarified it was actually a meme dedicated to Nico Rosberg, a Formula 1 champion (per F1). The confusion caused plenty of hilarity and some disdain on Reddit.

Redditors have been making light of the mishap

In fairness to u/MaxOverload15, the blurry Reddit post does show some resemblance to Gordon Ramsay, especially the blond hair and white top commonly worn by chefs. Unfortunately, the Redditor asked if they were an "idiot" for recognizing the comparison, leading to the inevitable comment calling them an "idiot sandwich". "I've accepted what I am," the uploader replied.

One Redditor argued that the picture was "clearly Gordon Ramsay eating cheese", while another asks "If that's Gordon... where's the lamb sauce?" Commenters also called u/MaxOverload15 a "donkey" (in relation to a Ramsay meme, according to Know Your Meme) and a "donut" (referencing a Gordon Ramsay quote, via YouTube). 

Some repliers joked that the subject of the image was Britney Spears, which F1 explains is a nickname Rosberg earned because of his long blond hair. Others noticed a similarity to chess champion Magnus Carlsen, and one Redditor suggested the picture was actually of Jamie Oliver, and the red racecar was chili jam.