Krispy Kreme Fans Are Melting Over Its Newest Treat

The first day of summer is here, and Krispy Kreme is already trying to melt fans' hearts with its latest sweet offerings. For fans of the doughnut chain, a hot Original Glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnut is so delicious but we'll be honest and say that in the summer we sometimes crave a cooler treat. Krispy Kreme seemed to realize that there was room on the menu for something that would help beat the summer heat, and it just introduced a totally new product to Krispy Kreme locations in 10 cities (via Businesswire).

The foundation of the entire new line-up of desserts at Krispy Kreme is the Original Glazed Soft Serve Ice Cream. It's made with some of the same ingredients that go into the Original Glazed doughnuts and is infused with Original Glaze flavor. There are two other doughnut-inspired soft serve flavors the chain will be offering, too: Strawberry Iced Sprinkled and Chocolate Iced. The soft serve will be available in cones, cups, and shakes, and each item has a bit of doughnut flavor inside.

Even Krispy Kreme's new cones taste like doughnuts

Krispy Kreme's new soft serve ice creams can be served in cups or in waffle cones that are "handmade with Krispy Kreme's proprietary doughnut mix and Original Glaze flavor" (via Businesswire). The ice cream can also be decked out with several toppings, including real Original Glazed Doughnut pieces. There are also seven milkshake flavors that customers can try, including unique doughnut-inspired ones like Lemon Filled, Cookies & KREME, Birthday Batter, and Coffee & KREME.

On a Facebook post about the new ice cream from journalist Nick Beres, who works for NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, many commenters shared their excitement about the new treats, which will be available at Krispy Kreme stores in the Nashville area. "The Lemon-Filled and Original Glazed sounds great," shared one commenter. "You had me at Krispy Kreme," joked another. Krispy Kreme's soft serve is now available in 10 markets and the company plans to have 50 locations selling soft serve by National Ice Cream Day on July 17 (via Charlotte Observer). In the meantime, customers can check the Krispy Kreme website to see if soft serve is available in their city.