The Unique Item You Can Find At Wendy's Canada

You may notice as you travel to other countries that the menu options of your favorite fast food chains feature various meals you're already familiar with, along with a few very different selections to choose from. These unique menus often include intriguing combinations of already existing menu items, creating a blend of flavors you may have never thought to combine. Wendy's Canada decided to use its fries as the ideal base for one of the country's favorite feasts.

Wendy's has upgraded their fries several times throughout the years, experimenting with different ways to improve the overall seasoning and crispness. Leaving some potato skin on the fry to add flavor, adding dashes of sea salt, and changing the frying method have all contributed to keeping its fries distinctly fresh and tasty (via CNN). The constant perfecting of its recipe has made Wendy's fries a sublime way to enjoy one of Canada's most beloved staple dishes.

A hearty Canadian favorite worth trying

Poutine is a savory dish of warm, crispy french fries and cheese curds drizzled with brown gravy that originated in Quebec in the 1950s (via La Banquise). Over the years, the Canadian delicacy has been revamped and elevated in all kinds of delicious ways. Wendy's began featuring poutine on its menu nationwide in April of 2012 and even created a "Poutition" online to dub it the "National Dish of Canada" (per Eater). The popular chain offers two tempting varieties of the famous entree — traditional or topped with smoky applewood bacon. These mouth-watering delights create the perfect nod to tradition as their flavors melt together flawlessly.

Ron Baugh, Senior Vice President of Wendy's Canada declared, "Poutine is perfect when you want to indulge in a hearty, truly Canadian dish." So if you plan to grab yourself a cheesy bowl to try for yourself, don't be afraid to combine your poutine with other popular Wendy's menu items to see what you can discover.