TikTok Can't Believe How Far $200 Goes At Trader Joe's

Who doesn't love a visit to Trader Joe's? The grocery store chain has managed to build itself a cult following across social media, despite only having a Facebook and Instagram page to its name (via Flackable). Almost all the social media buzz comes from dedicated customers turned fans who hark the store's quirky, off-brand wares and prices across their own platforms with some truly enthusiastic people creating social media pages celebrating the store (via Penn Live).

The appeal to Trader Joe's comes from the experience cultivated within. Forbes notes several reasons customers love Trader Joe's, including an easygoing and whimsical staff, unique product names that create a fun experience, and a business model that helps keep prices low and customers returning. The affordable products are certainly a major draw to the grocery store chain with a recent viral TikTok video showing just how much bang your buck can get you.

A sprawling haul from Joe's

TikTok user Lizette Garcia, under the username @justlizrenae, recently posted a TikTok video showing her haul from Trader Joe's that stunned the comments. The results of the shopping spree were scattered across Garcia's kitchen counter as she showed each product to the camera in rapid succession. The trip cost her under $200 and included a wide variety of products such as fresh meats and produce, bread, snacks, and a bevy of frozen foods. In the comments, Garcia mentions getting about fourteen meals plus an undisclosed number of sandwiches for her family of three.

Plenty of TikTok users were impressed by what Garcia got. A number of commenters also spoke up about their love for Trader Joe's. Several users were impressed by the amount she got, such as user Jordan Wennermark who commented "this is so much stuff for $197" and other users preparing to go shopping at Trader Joe's themselves.

This video is a perfect example of what has made Trader Joe's such a strong contender as a grocery store chain: The ability to cultivate a following of loyal customers who share their passion on social media and reach others.