How Anyone Can Get Free Fries At Wingstop

Nothing can bring a tear of joy to your eye quite like the words "free" and "food" being in the same sentence. But when it comes to food offered gratis, you are probably most familiar with restaurants handing out complimentary drinks and desserts to their rewards programs' members on their birthdays. For example, Dunkin' gifts DD Perks members a free celebratory drink on their special day and those on Nothing Bundt Cakes' email list receive a Bundtlet at no cost in honor of another year around the sun (per Thrillist).

Even free food deals not involving birthdays, like Jimmy John's offering a free sandwich for customers who sign up for their new Freaky Fast Rewards program (via Jimmy John's), seem to require adding another weekly email to your crowded inbox. But Wingstop, a company that was determined to ensure its prices remained affordable for customers amid a chicken wing shortage, is offering all of its fans a chance at chowing down on fries that are as delicious as they will be free — with no email sign-up required.

Fill out an online survey to get free Wingstop fries

Even though chicken wings are Wingstop's signature product, the fast food chain's Idaho-sourced fries offer wing lovers a well-seasoned side dish and one Redditor revealed how you can snag an order for free. In a post under the r/wingstop Reddit forum, a user who worked for the restaurant prompted people to ask them their most burning Wingstop questions. In one of their replies, they mentioned that on the bottom of your Wingstop receipt there is a survey. Fill it out and you will earn a coupon that will allow you to order a portion of savory, free-of-charge Wingstop fries.

Wingstop's generosity for its fans doesn't end at its free fries. The recent sriracha shortage, which is a result of problems with chili pepper supply (via NPR), has made Wingstop aim to make sure its fans don't miss out on the joys of spicy food. The fast food chain revealed on its Instagram that it will be giving away its atomic hot sauce free to customers. If you want to add some heat to your newly acquired free fries, order your favorite meal from Wingstop online and enter "FREEHOTSAUCE" in the promo box to claim your complimentary hot sauce.