The Banana Variety That Supposedly Tastes Like Ice Cream

If you're like many people who are looking into uncommon fruits and vegetables, you may have become aware that there are tons of different banana varieties that you could be eating. The most common banana on the market is the Cavendish, and prior to the Cavendish's rise, it was the Gros Michel, according to Britannica. In recent years, one particular type of banana has taken the internet by storm: the Blue Java Banana, also sometimes called the "ice cream banana." 

If you have seen viral posts about a blue banana that tastes like vanilla ice cream, then you probably have been wondering if this fruit is as weird and surreal as they say it is. In fact, most dieters would be thrilled to hear that there's a banana on the market that could help curb their ice cream cravings. But, we can't always trust everything that the internet says. Is this plant legitimately blue, and more importantly, does it taste like vanilla ice cream?

The truth behind Blue Java bananas is a mixed bag

As it turns out, the internet has a miraculous way of distorting the truth. Yes, there are Blue Java bananas out there and yes, people can buy them. However, there are two main things that people tend to get wrong about this much-misunderstood plant.

The first issue is that the color of the banana isn't a bright cyan blue. Most photos of these bananas are edited heavily, reports KSBY. Their real color is more of a green with a slight hint of blue, and the flesh inside is white. When the bananas are ripe, the banana skin's color will turn a pale yellow. So, it's not an electric blue banana by any means.

Flavor-wise, the jury is out on this. According to Fine Dining Lovers, this banana has been likened to vanilla pudding in terms of taste and has a consistency similar to ice cream. Meanwhile, YouTuber Jared Rydelek says that the bananas don't really have a vanilla ice cream flavor, but "still taste delicious." He actually says they taste more berry-like to him, which makes sense since bananas are technically berries.

It seems like the Blue Java banana is a real plant, but you shouldn't believe everything written on the net about it because people love to hype up an interesting story. Otherwise, you might be really disappointed when you get a taste of the truth.