Ossiana Tepfenhart

New Jersey
Health & Wellness, Relationships, Food
  • Ossiana is the winner of more than 10 Top Writer awards on Medium, where they specialize in writing about food and relationships.
  • They also boast more than 1 million views on Vocal.media, on their old personal account, where they did several health and wellness articles.
  • When they first became involved in the food scene, they had a culinary critique internship with Metnights Magazine.


Ossiana is a writer who is obsessed with food. They have their own blog about it but always are up for the latest story. When they're not writing, they're modeling and talking about sex positivity. With more than 12 years of writing experience, they have done everything from in-person food critiques with celebrity chefs to writing some of the most provocative viral content on Medium. Most people know them through their Medium account, which currently boasts more than 8,200 followers. They are the founders of Medium's Tasteful Toast publication and acted as a founding in-house SEO writer on Vocal.media. No matter where they go, they're going to find a way to bring a story to life.
Stories By Ossiana Tepfenhart