The Pizza Hut Taiwan Creation That Has People Shaking Their Heads

The menu for Pizza Hut Taiwan isn't exactly bereft of sweets. In fact, its range of desserts include cheese tarts, different types of cheesecakes, and chocolate chip mochi balls. So we're not sure why it felt the need to add a limited-time offer pizza, per Facebook, which comes topped with cheese, mangoes, and durian — the creamy, smelly fruit that half the world loves and the other half loves to hate. The chain offered no explanations for its latest divisive pizza flavor, other than that it would be available from the 21st through the 27th of June. 

To be fair, this isn't the first time Pizza Hut Taiwan has offered up a flavor that's made pizza fans look twice — or see red. Its most recent offer included an Oreo/chicken popper/calamari pizza which some thought was an urban myth, but which social media proves, actually does exist. And before that, the chain offered up a pizza topped with coriander, century egg, and pig's blood cake." It's not even the first time Pizza Hut Taiwan's experimented with durian; it offered up a pizza with durian, Malaysian white coffee, mozzarella cheese, and diced almonds in 2020.

Social media didn't know what to make of the new flavor

Pizza Hut Taiwan fans seem divided on whether the flavor would take their fancy or if it would be a miss all around. While some say they can't wait to try the new flavor, a few think they would probably give the durian, mango, and cheese concoction a hard pass (per Facebook).

Over on Twitter, critics were more vocal. "Good morning to everyone except Pizza Hut Taiwan and this durian mango monstrosity," fumed one social media user as she shared a shot of the pizza sitting outside of its box. Another member of the Twitterati said, "That actually looks rather conservative considering other Taiwan pizza monstrosities."

But there was one critic who simply could not hold back, saying, "This is more offensive to Italians than burning an Italian flag. This is on the same level as inventing a time machine, going back in time, and slapping Baby Jesus. The only thing worse is cooking pasta with ketchup."

We aren't sure about all of that, but this new pizza from the Hut sure has some harsh critics.