44% Agree This Is The Best Item On Cinnabon's Menu

This may be hard to believe if you're under the age of 18, but once upon a time, malls were the place to hang out. Stores like Sam Goody, Limited Too, and Tower Records were just a few spots that baggy jean-wearing mallrats flocked to on the weekends while the sweet, sweet smell of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls wafted through the air. Sadly, Penn Live reports that all three of these popular mall stores of yesteryear — plus several more — have long since closed up shop, but fortunately for the teens and tweens of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, Cinnabon and its mouthwatering scent is still around.

The purveyors of delicious, cream cheese frosting-covered pastries has not only been able to withstand the test of time, but the company is actually continuing to grow, with QSR Magazine reporting that the brand teamed up with another mall favorite, Auntie Anne's, last year to open 10 new locations in New York City alone by 2025. The bakery is now offering more scrumptious treats than ever, which had us wondering: Which of the chain's assortment of baked goods do customers love the most? To find out, Mashed asked 553 cinnamon roll lovers in the U.S. which Cinnabon menu item they thought was the best out of the following options: BonBites, Cinnabon Stix, CinnaSweeties, Churro Swirls, Caramel PecanBons, and the Classic Roll. While each treat earned some love from survey respondents, one pastry beat out the competition by a long shot.

When it comes to Cinnabon, you can't beat the classics

When the first Cinnabon location opened up shop at Seattle's SeaTac Mall in 1985, it only featured one menu item: the Classic Roll. This may seem like a risky strategy. But as we now know, it actually worked out quite well for the mall icon. The treat was an instant hit with the chain's pre-Y2K customers and has continued to remain a favorite to this day, as well, as evidenced by the 44% of respondents to Mashed's survey who indicated that Cinnabon's Classic Roll was the best item on the bakery's menu. "So doughy, so fluffy. Your teeth sink into it perfectly," YouTuber Timmy's Takeout said in his review of the eatery's star. "Everything blends together so beautifully, this is a 10 out of 10," he continued. "Cinnabon, your classic roll is it!"

Naturally, the Classic Roll's success spawned a slew of other menu items, including the Caramel PecanBon. A decadent take on Cinnabon's signature pastry featuring caramel frosting and crunchy pecans, the dessert earned second place in Mashed's poll with 20.25% of the votes. Churro Swirls came in third with 61 votes (11.03%) and were followed by CinnabonStix and BonBites, which earned 10.49% and 8.68% of votes, respectively. Finally, Cinnabon's CinnaSweeties took last place with only 5.24% of the votes. However, considering that they're actually donuts, it's not too surprising that customers prefer treats based on Cinnabon's signature offering, instead.