The Bar That Offers Drinkers A Sparkling View

At its best, a trip to the bar is more than an excuse to sip on alcohol but a genuinely rewarding and memorable experience. Sometimes the experience comes from the drink itself, especially when it's a cocktail whipped up by a master bartender. Other times it's the people you spend time with, the close friends gathering at the local watering hole after a long week to blow off some steam. Occasionally, the star of the show is the bar itself, especially its locale.

The world is scattered with amazing bars that stand out from the crowd by nature of their appearance or location. From Iceland's Northern Lights bar built to capitalize on the natural beauty of the region's aurora borealis show to the Sky Bar in Bangkok that boasts a beautiful view of the man-made Bangkok skyline from its perch 63 stories above the ground, there are interesting bars across the world, per Love Food. And a new bar to be added to any culinary travel junkie's list of interest spots to hit just opened in the European country of Georgia.

The diamond in the sky

The Dashbashi Canyon is a natural monument in Georgia, a massive gorge that stretches through the country a mere 92 kilometers from Georgia's capital city Tbilisi, per the Agency of Protected Areas. It's always been a popular tourist location in the country and its popularity only increased in 2021 when a tourist center opened, per Advantour. But while the natural beauty of the landscape can draw a crowd, the canyon's newest attraction is man-made.

There is now a glass bridge stretching across the gap created by the canyon, a staggering 787 feet long and suspended over 900 feet in the air, per CNN. As impressive as the bridge itself is, its stand out feature is certainly the diamond-shaped bar suspended in the middle that allows those adventurous enough to venture over the canyon a chance to get a drink while taking in the view or views, as the panoramic design lets one see in every direction. The diamond-shape wasn't just conceived as a reference to gems. In an interview with the Georgian Journal in 2021, Tomer Mor Yosef, the chief designer of the bridge revealed that the shape was inspired by the slopes and edges of the surrounding landscape.