How TikTok Inspired Denny's Latest Menu Items

Since the uptick of TikTok, there has been no shortage of contributions to the food service industry from the platform. Influencers from all walks of life tend to share increasingly helpful fast food menu hacks and secret menu items for their followers who graciously accept the advice. The hacks range from smaller chains to the best hacks at big wig spots like the proper way to get the most bang for your buck at McDonald's, or an impressively clever drink hack at Chick-fil-A.

And the buck does not stop there. In addition to hacking menus, TikTok influencers are actually inspiring change to some menus too. Arby's added an item called the Missing Menu Meal, inspired by a TikTok back-and-forth that started with a customer poking fun at the TVs that hold menu lists. And Denny's is doing the same. Their latest menu items are inspired by the very same platform, and not for the first time.

Denny's tip toes back into TikTok

Back in February, Denny's announced it would work with 24 TikTok influencers to help inspire new menu items. Around the same time, Denny's released the first batch of influencer collab dishes, including two over the top pancake platters, and a new specialty burger. And the collab between Denny's and its hand-picked TikTok stars continues this month with 4 more influencers and their inspired delights. 

The first new menu item, titled the Shortberry Dream Cakes, was dreamed up by Dmitri Robinson (@.Meech) and Kelz Wright (@Kelz) and involves a healthy serving of buttermilk pancakes "topped with vanilla cream, fresh strawberries, shortbread cookie pieces, and strawberry sauce." They're pairing it with eggs, hash browns and some breakfast meat.

The second new option is the Brisket-It-All Melt. Concocted by The Rapping Chef (@therappingchef), the meal comes with a slow-smoked burnt-end brisket sandwich that's loaded with "crispy diced bacon, two eggs, sharp white cheddar, Diner Q sauce and pickles" and comes with a side of fries. Last but not least, the two also created a Brisk-B-Q Melt, made with the same type of brisket, and kept simple with more modest toppings. This one also comes with fries, of course.

It is unclear exactly what criteria led Denny's to choose these influencers in particular aside from their over 1 million followers each, but it seems to be working for them so far. Looks like TikTokers will have to keep their eyes on this chain.