Why TikTok Can't Stop Raving About Radishes

Unless you've been hiding under a wok, you have likely heard that cauliflower makes a great substitute for rice. All you need to do is cut the head up into manageable pieces, send them for a whirl in your food processor, and you've figured out how to master cauliflower rice. Yes, most home cooks have familiarized themselves with the many rice dishes that they can make without ever touching a grain of jasmine, Arborio, or basmati. In fact, Time reports that due to the demand for cauliflower rice and pizza crusts, the cruciferous vegetable's sales increased from $239 million in 2012 to a massive $390 million in 2016. That's a hefty jump.  

Another humble vegetable that has stepped into the role of carbohydrate is the zucchini. Armed with a trendy new spiralizer, Americans have mastered the art of creating zoodles, a spaghetti made solely of this squash. The zoodle has achieved such fanfare that Noodles & Company turned to this veggie-based pasta to increase its traffic and overall sales (via Nation's Restaurant News). 

As you now gaze over the rows and rows of produce at your local supermarket, it's hard not to ask yourself, "What noodle do you think will achieve carb-replacing greatness next?" 

The radish makes an ideal fauxtato

It turns out that the newest star in the vegetable aisle is the radish. What's this seemingly non-threatening orb's current goal? Why, it strives to replace the carbohydrate and starch-riddled potato, of course. And, oodles of TikTok users are eager to show you how you can replace your same old, same old spud with this much healthier alternative. 

One such TikTok user introduces followers to her air-fried radishes, referring to them as "fauxtatoes," and they are the perfect homage to the radish. Not only do they look just like pan-fried potatoes, but many commenters are impressed with the taste as well. One follower said they were so good that she will be replacing potatoes, while another enthused, "Yup they are BOMB! I've made them for breakfast ( home fries), made with my chicken in that Buffalo chicken and potato bake too. Sooooo good!!" And, apparently, all it takes is about 10-15 minutes at 400 degrees in the air fryer. And this is not the only way to transform your crunchy, brightly-hued radish into a mock potato either.  

The internet is filled with radish hacks

Elyse Myers uploaded a video to TikTok showing viewers how to make a roasted potato using radishes cut in half, olive oil, and taco seasoning. She says it's for when you could go for some potatoes, but want something "a little less potato-y" — something that you have likely experienced, but couldn't quite name. Fans love these much-less-potato-y "potatoes" with one commenter proclaiming, "I have been eating these NON stop," and another confessing that she loves them as she feels much less guilty when she eats too many.

LifeHacker offers up that you can create roasted radish flowers using just radishes, olive oil, salt, your oven, and a good knife. Apparently, the finished product will taste "like an angry potato chip" and fend off your urge to eat potpourri. (Is this a real problem for people?) But seriously, who knew there were so many radish hacks you should try

The radish is finally more than just that splash of color in your salads or the delicately-cut radish rose that gets left on the side of the plate. It's now a full-fledged side dish that doesn't need the help of other foods. The radish has come into its own. So, if you are craving a fauxtato right now (and you likely are), don't waste any time — those radishes are about to fly off the shelves.