Could McDonald's Fish Mcbites Swim Their Way Back Onto The Menu?

Have you noticed how many fast-food chains are bringing back "fan-favorite" menu items recently? Taco Bell, for example, brought back its Mexican Pizza not too long ago and it was so popular that the company actually began to run out of the pizza-style offering only weeks after it launched (via CNN). Earlier this year, Burger King brought back the "Big King," a hamburger designed to compete with McDonald's Big Mac (via ChewBoom). Maybe it's the roaring outcry of fans who demand these items return to the menus; maybe it's the marketing team banking on the old method of appealing to nostalgic fast-food consumers to bring in profit. Either way, it seems that old favorites are making new waves in the world of fast food as of late, and not one to be left behind, McDonald's is jumping on this trend too.

On April 21, McDonald's, via their Twitter account, posted a simple two-word statement: "bring back _____." The responses were varied, ranging from Snack Wraps, the return of all-day breakfasts, and the Chicken Selects. While these are all indeed favorite items and are all admittedly popular choices to bring back, it would seem that an unlikely "fishy" menu item may be swimming its way back to the menu.

What are Fish McBites anyway?

You may be asking yourself: "Fish McBites? Weren't they those little popcorn chicken things that tasted like Filet-O-Fish?" If that's what you were thinking, you'd be right. Fish McBites were something like popcorn chicken, but obviously not chicken. Available in three sizes — snack, regular, or sharable (per Westword), these bite-sized nuggets were introduced in 2013 around Lent for those who observe the tradition of eating fish on Fridays. Cosmopolitan reported they were only on the menu for a while that year before fading away into McDonald's history. 

According to The Street, it seems that a surprising amount of people have been making demands for the return of the McBites — or at least the Fish McBites. The reason for their discontinuing was that they were too "niche." Despite that, people who have fond memories of the Fish McBites are calling for their return. One user even noted that the Fish McBites were a "treasure to my younger self."

While McDonald's has made no mention of any returning products, Fish McBites or not, since the tweet in April, there's still a chance that they can bring something back that fans have been craving. Who knows? Maybe it could something as wild as the McPizza.