How Miller Lite's New Cans Highlight 'Unsung Heroes'

If you think Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest weekend for beer drinking, you're wrong. Sorry, Charlie, there's a bigger day that gets that glory. According to the American Beer & Beverage Distributors, July Fourth claims that crown — at least if you're drinking at home. And with all the outdoor barbecues and picnics friends and families host in anticipation of celebrating America's birthday along with fireworks galore, it seems like the perfect time to kick back and enjoy a brew, of course, as long as you are 21 years of age or older and drinking responsibly. And to help mark Lady Liberty's big day, Miller Lite announced in a press release that the company has released a new beer can to highlight some "unsung beer heroes."

In the announcement, the beer maker shares, "Miller Lite is unveiling the truth: there's no beer without women." According to the press release, many Americans may be unaware of the history of women in brewing, and Miller Lite hopes this new can will bring awareness and honor them.

Thank Mary Lisle the next time you have a pint

Miller Lite explains in the press release that thanks to a group of women known as "Ale Wives" who brought beer to the U.S., modern-day beer-drinking Americans are able to enjoy a pint of their favorite lager, stout, IPA, or ale at the local watering hole of choice. And in honor and celebration of these pioneering ladies, Miller Lite has released a can that features Mary Lisle, the "first recorded female brewer" in the United States. These limited-edition cans are the traditional 12 ounces and they not only feature Lisle but also have her story printed on them. Per Old Breweries, Lisle both owned and operated a brewery in Philadelphia for 17 years. 

However, as ahead of her times as Lisle may have been, Spectrum News reveals that while beer has been around for thousands of years, only 2% of breweries are owned by women. To wit, Miller Lite is also putting their money where your mouth is: When you purchase any case of their beer on Drizly or Instacart, the beer company will donating $5 to the nonprofit Pink Boots Society, which supports women in the beer industry. Purchases must be made between June 27 and July 4 and the donation caps off at $250,000.