The Huge Gift David Spade Gave A Viral Burger King Employee

Picture it. A small bag containing a single movie ticket, a bag of Reese's, two Lifesaver rolls, a cup, a lanyard, and a few other token trinkets. This sounds like an appropriate gift bag for someone attending a trade show or a time-share sales weekend, right? It turns out that this is what HMS Host, a company that places restaurants in travel spaces like airports, feels is the perfect reward for an employee that has worked 27 years in a row without a single day off (via TMZ). Yes, you read that right. 54-year-old Kevin Ford has been a faithful employee at the Burger King location at the Las Vegas airport for almost three decades without ever calling in sick, even during the pandemic. Surely, this is an accomplishment worthy of more than a handful of inexpensive items. 

The viral video of Ford opening his gift bag shows a thankful employee who appears genuinely grateful for the recognition. As he told TMZ, "I'm grateful for anything I get." The kicker, however, is that prior to the Covid pandemic, the company gave out checks for achievements like 20 years of service. Ford said that he initially thought the envelope that held the solitary movie ticket contained a monetary reward. Unfortunately, it did not. 

Disgusted by what he perceived as this employer's lack of gratitude, Hollywood star David Spade decided to take action by providing his own reward for Ford's remarkable dedication. 

David Spade gave a whopping 5K to Ford's GoFundMe

When David Spade saw the video and learned that Ford's daughter had set up a GoFundMe page to help him visit his kids and grandchildren in Texas, he was touched. After making a hefty $5,000 donation, the former "Rules of Engagement" star sent Ford an Instagram message, "Keep up the good work." Ford offered his profuse thanks and said he may even take a day off. Spade, in return, told him to wait until his 30th anniversary (via TMZ). While Ford was hugely appreciative of Spade's financial gift, this personal engagement was also special as Ford told TMZ that he's a huge fan of the Hollywood funnyman. 

According to LADbible, Burger King has informed them that their brand and their franchise holders make a point of recognizing employee achievements, noting that Ford's gift bag was a "peer-to-peer reward in recognition of a short-term positive performance/experience." Does this mean that his reward from his employer is still outstanding? Surely this dedicated employee is deserving of a financial bonus for dishing out popular Burger King menu items for 27 solid years. The point now seems moot, however, as his GoFundMe page currently sits at $56,306, meaning that he can likely visit his family and buy his dream Ford hybrid vehicle as well.