Why Khloe Kardashian Was Hot And Bothered By Sean Evans' Pantry Compliment

Let's hear it for Sean Evans. The host of "Hot Ones," a YouTube show created by the "First We Feast" channel, is the definition of unflappable. He chews chicken wings by the dozen, each one hotter than the last on an escalating scale of fire while interviewing the world's most recognizable names. Most of us might panic at the thought of just one of those tasks, let alone both at the same time. Esquire says that the SNL sketch last year, in which cast member Mikey Day took off Evans' interview style as he and "Beyonce" (Maya Rudolph) chatted over hot wings, was the ultimate compliment. "'Hot Ones' being immortalized in SNL history is something that's really special to me," he told the magazine, later adding that "I'll remember that forever." And since each episode gets a million or more views, forever might be exactly how long Evans has to host hot wing interviews.

So we'd be curious to hear more about the guest list Evans has entertained over the years, and where they rank in the Hall of "Hot Ones" Fame (or Flame?) when it comes to memorable guest experiences. Did he take Colin Farrell's accidental "Hot Ones" hack under advisement for future episodes, for example? What was it like to ruin Rob Lowe's Thanksgiving? And how did it feel to make Khloe Kardashian blush?

Doesn't get hotter than wings and pantries

Sean Evans introduced Khloé Kardashian as a "pop culture icon" and all-around American success story. From her fashion empire and collaboration with Zara to her streaming show, "The Kardashians," Kardashian is no stranger to the spotlight and recently let audiences get a closer look at one very particular aspect of the home: the pantry. According to People, Kardashian has employed the services of The Home Edit, an organizational organization, on pantry projects past. But this year's pantry revamp, as an exclusive with Poosh points out, goes above and beyond your average label-maker. We're talking about containers of immaculately stacked cookies and flawlessly arranged tubes of pasta. And it's clearly a point of pride for Kardashian.

After congratulating the icon on her "dream home," Evans raves about Kardashian having "the most organized and impressive kitchen pantry I've ever seen in my life." And for someone who lives for hot sauces, an organized pantry is obviously a turn-on. Apparently, his excitement wasn't one-sided. "I don't know if you're flirting with me," Kardashian responds, all a-flutter. "But that's the best flirting you could ever give me. Complimenting my pantry? Sure, whatever you want, you're gonna get after this, okay?" Whew, is it getting hot in here? "It's getting a little hotter," Kardashian said moments later. "I don't know if it's you or the wings." Thankfully, the good-natured flirting didn't seem to make either party uncomfortable. Sadly, the absurdly spicy wings did.