These Food Mascots May Actually Be Married To Each Other

One of Baltimore's best-loved icons is a very dapper, one-eyed gentleman who is nearly 90 years young but still as spry and stylish as ever: Mr. Boh, the mascot for National Bohemian Beer. You'll see this natty gent out and about, strolling through the Inner Harbor or rooting on the Orioles at Camden Yards, and he'll probably pop up at the Preakness, as well. (Those familiar with Triple Crown cocktails might know that Natty Boh makes a great chaser for a Black-Eyed Susan.)

Generally, Mr. Boh is out and about on his own, minus the hordes of selfie-seekers and other admirers who inevitably surround him when he sets one well-shod foot outside. You might assume that such a bon vivant would be living the single life, but it seems that there is a Mrs. Boh back at home. Well, no, not actually at home, wherever that may be, as Mr. Boh and his mate seem to have a long-distance relationship that spans state borders. Mr. Boh, of course, is Maryland born and bred, but his Mrs. hails from neighboring Hanover, Pennsylvania, per PopIcon – she is none other than the lovely Utz Girl.

Mr. Boh and Salie Utz tied the knot in 2011

The Utz Girl is actually an older woman, as she was born sometime in the 1920s, according to PopIcon. But she and her perky hair bow remain eternally youthful as she smiles out from every bag of Utz potato chips. Not only does the Utz Girl have both eyes and about a decade on her man; she's even got a first name: Salie. Still, true love is able to overcome these inequalities, and their relationship has survived far more severe obstacles such as Salie's brief fling as the official snack chip of the New York Yankees (something of which Mr. Boh no doubt strongly disapproved).

People have been shipping these two mascots since at least the mid-00s and it appears that the two became engaged in 2007. Their courtship, which was featured in a Smyth Jewelers ad, involved such quintessential Maryland experiences as a crab boil, a trip "downy ocean," and smooching in the car at Bengie's Drive-In Theatre. In 2011, Mr. Boh even put a ring on Salie's finger – one purchased at Maryland's own Smyth Jewelers, of course. While there's been little news about how the couple's marriage is going now that they've passed their 10th anniversary, we assume they are still living happily ever after as per a sweet Facebook shout-out for Valentine's Day in 2018. After all, Mr. Boh and Ms. Utz go together like, well, beer and chips.