The Gordon Ramsay Pork Video That Has Instagram Laughing

Chef Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to using social media to reply to — and mostly roast — amateur cooking creations. It began when fans of Ramsay started sending him photos of their meals on Twitter in an effort to get a response, according to Spoon University. Some notable and hilarious replies include: "looks like the inside of my granddad's colostomy bag," and "you're suppose to roast the chicken not take it to the crematorium."

This, somewhat of a game, eventually expanded to include TikTok, with some of the videos featured on Instagram as well. "You thought I stopped burning dishes but I just changed the game," Ramsay said on his Instagram, @gordongram. "Keep the dishes coming on @tiktok."

Though Gordon Ramsay has made quite a name for himself berating aspiring chefs on Hell's Kitchen, his online responses aren't always mean or offensive. It might be interesting to know what it's really like working with Gordon Ramsay.

50 shades of pork

A video recently posted on Gordon Ramsay's official Instagram showed the chef's lighthearted side and left many commenters cracking up. The video begins with a chef announcing that he will be making a loaded porchetta, which is an authentic Italian pork roast. Ramsay almost immediately compliments the chef's music choice, "Careless Whisper" by George Michael, before exclaiming "50 shades of pork!" in response to the large slab of meat being used.

Ramsay continues commenting about the meat's size and compliments its crispiness. Then, with childlike enthusiasm, Ramsay gets ready for the big reveal as the chef cuts the porchetta open and reveals its center. "Oh, it's juicy! It's juicy! 50 shades of juice!" Ramsay yells out.

Instagram users are flooding the comments section with their thoughts. "Our chef is losing his mind," one commenter said. Another mentioned "the way his eyes lit up when he saw it was juicy." Many other viewers mentioned Ramsay's hilarious "50 Shades of Gray" references, commenting "50 shades of pork," and "50 shades of juice."

This just goes to show you, even the most pristine chefs can have a little fun. Make sure to follow @Gordongram on Instagram to keep up with his latest videos.