The Trader Joe's Wine That Has TikTok Raving

Trader Joe's has done it again. TikTok is popping off about the grocery giant's consistent ability to marry affordability with deliciousness, but this is nothing new. TikTok is essentially a stage for people to showcase their reactions to Trader Joe's products. The hashtag #traderjoesmusthaves is booming with videos posted by people who just want you to know how much they love shopping at Trader Joe's.

The grocery store chain's following has a reach far beyond cities where it has physical locations. People drive great distances to shop at Trader Joe's. This grocery chain has long been known for its relatively inexpensive and varied wine selection, per Reverse Wine Snob. Some of the wine options, like the chain's classic Two Buck Chuck, are simply a great value.

According to Cosmopolitan, most of the private-label wine brands at Trader Joe's come from a California-based company called Bronco Wine, which specializes in making high-quality, affordable vino. In addition to the private-label brands on store shelves, they also buy companies from which they sell wines in bulk to reduce the price. One of Trader Joe's wine offerings has swept through TikTok, and videos raving about it have customers flocking to the stores to test it out.

Trader Joe's sells perfect summer wine

The vast wine selection at Trader Joe's can be overwhelming to a beginner wine connoisseur. Luckily TikTok exists to tell you what's worth trying. In this case, the popular video-sharing app is flush with posts about Emma Reichart wines. Both the Dry Riesling and the Pinot Noir are having a moment.

Some of these posts include a text format that says "OMG this Trader Joe's wine is so good and affordable, it should be illegal. Costs less than a gallon of gas!" A commenter on one of these videos wrote, "YES THIS ROSÉ IS SO GOOD," referring to the Pinot Noir. Another said, "This is my favorite! Don't give away the secret."

The Emma Reichart Dry Riesling originates in Germany, according to Vivino. It's described as light, dry, and acidic, and it's $4.99. The Pinot Noir is also from Germany, and many reviewers on Vivino noted hints of strawberry, watermelon, and citrus. It's also $4.99.