Is Whataburger Unveiling A New Sandwich This Weekend?

If you're preparing to host friends and family for a barbecue on Fourth of July weekend, there's a good chance that hot dogs and hamburgers are on the menu. There's a secret to grilling juicy burgers, and part of making the perfect patty is getting the timing right. But aside from the chance to enjoy some food and fireworks with your loved ones, there's something else burger fans and particularly Whataburger lovers should be looking out for this weekend.

This week, Whataburger shared a cryptic photo on Twitter that has the restaurant's followers speculating on what the Texas burger chain has up its sleeve. The photo shows a top secret file, and there's a blurred-out, Polaroid-style picture of a sandwich or burger attached to the folder. It seems like we won't have to wait too long to find out what this announcement means. There's a caption on the blurred-out burger snapshot that reads "Access Available: 7422." Based on this, we think that Whataburger will be revealing what this all means on July 4.

Fans are hoping that Whataburger brings back one of its sandwiches

This vague tweet has Whataburger customers speculating on what new burger the chain might be dropping soon. According to social media responses, more than a few people are hoping that the Chop House Cheddar Burger will be returning to the menu. Fans have expressed how badly they want to see this item again — one Twitter user wrote, "Please God be the chophouse cheddar burger. I've been waiting for the comeback for YEARS!" There's even a petition on with over 900 signatures to get this particular burger back in Whataburger's Texas locations.

Despite all the hype around the Chop House Cheddar Burger, other customers think that this tweet signals the return of the Pico De Gallo Burger, though one commenter insists that "No there's Pico on it!" Although the photo of the burger is blurry, there is a thin line of red, so it looks like some salsa-craving customers are holding onto that for hope.

What sandwich do you hope that Whataburger is hinting at? Do you want to see a new item or the return of a fan-favorite? Although we might need to wait to hear Whataburger's news, you can still learn more about the chain. Here are all the secrets Whataburger doesn't want you to know.