The Toasted Coconut Cookies That Some Costco Shoppers Can't Resist

When you think of Costco, what comes to mind? Do you think of giant drums of honey, massive Toblerone bars, or an almost 80-pound wheel of parmesan (per MTL Blog)? Maybe it's the massive expanse and sheer selection of items that impress you most. Or, perhaps, it's the prices that sit foremost in your brain. The one thing that can't be denied, however, is that Costco has made a name for itself by introducing its members to a host of unique foods. Some of these items have become favorites with their shoppers. 

Better Homes & Gardens gives sous-vide egg bites the number one spot on their list of things that make a Costco membership worth the fee, saying that these breakfast bites are fast and easy and just as good as those at Starbucks, Delish awards top honors to Kirkland Milk Chocolate Almonds, calling them a fantastic option when you want a small dose of sweetness, and Eat This, Not That calls Motor City Pizza's frozen pizza the most beloved Costco food item of 2021, saying that shoppers enthusiastically showed this product love on social media. Yes, it seems that one could create a seemingly endless bucket list of Costco food items you need to try before you die – and one of them is a coconut cookie that keeps consumers coming back for more. 

Thinsters Toasted Coconut cookies are said to be addictive

It turns out that the cookie that has Costco shoppers salivating is Thinsters Toasted Coconut, an offering that the manufacturer's website says is resplendent with "rich and nutty toasted coconut flakes." Sounds good, but for a truly objective take on these crispy little numbers, it's best to turn to the opinion of Joe (and Josephine) Q. Public. 

The folks at 5 Minute Eats on YouTube admit to devouring the majority of the cookies before filming their review. They are, apparently, that good. In the video, these cookies are compared favorably to both those found in the Royal Dansk tin of Danish biscuits and to coconut haystacks. Words like "the coconut tastes fresh," "they're small, thin, and airy," and "the sugar on top takes it to a whole new level," clearly prove that these taste-testers are huge fans. Neat-ish admits to not being enthralled with coconut, but says that when it comes to these Thinsters, "it's pretty much been love at first bite." When a Redditor posted in r/Costco that these cookies are so addictive they ate half the bag in a day, their sentiments were echoed with one commenter saying, "Yep. I think these should have a warning on the package."

The public has spoken and given these tasty treats two thumbs up.