The Singing McDonald's Employee Who Has TikTok Mesmerized

While fast food workers have traditionally spent most of their time on the clock behind the scenes, whipping up customers' food without garnering much attention, it now seems like these employees are under the spotlight more than ever before — all thanks to social media. 

For example, TikTok defended McDonald's workers who refused to serve a male Karen, as the "rude" man was "demanding" to be served even though the location was clearly understaffed at the time. In another instance, TikTok came to the defense of a McDonald's employee who got in trouble for making videos of her day-to-day routine at the chain, from her interactions with customers to order fulfillment. 

Thankfully, one of the latest McDonald's stories that is grabbing the attention of social media users is actually a happy one. The video in question features a London-based McDonald's employee named Richard Walker, who adds some pep to his prep by singing to customers when they pick up their food.

'McMC' in the house

While there is a McDonald's employee singing competition held for workers all over the globe, Richard Walker's vocal displays have been an idea all of his own. Referring to himself as the "McMC," Walker is beloved for his smooth vocals when calling out orders at a McDonald's location in Finsbury, London, Yahoo reports. In one of his videos, which are typically taken by customers for him to repost on his own feed, patrons of the restaurant can be seen and heard dancing and singing along to "This Is How We Do It" with Walker. The comments he's gotten on his posts shows just how much love customers have for Walker's unconventional, but effective, service method, in which he uses his microphone to both entertain guests and call out their orders.

On the "This Is How We Do It" video, commenters raved at Walker's "nuggets and a McShow." One user said, "I'd buy anything that man was selling for the performance alone," while another went so far as to write, "Maccas need to give you a pay rise for the entertainment and dealing with the fri/sat night customers. this is brilliant." At least one customer who has not yet visited the Liverpool Street location mentioned that they plan to change that soon: "I know what I'll be doing on lunchtime next week!" they said. Here's hoping for more singsongy service from Richard Walker for years to come.