This Might Be The Easiest Way To Skin A Kiwi

Amongst kiwi lovers, there's often a debate about whether or not you should eat the skin of the colorful fruit. As one Reddit thread explored, some believe the vitamins and nutrients contained in the skin make it worth eating, while others claim that the slightly fuzzy, hairy skin makes it an automatic no because they simply can't stomach the texture. One individual even commented that the contrast between the kiwi's flesh and the skin makes eating both the most appealing option.

However, if you're someone who would rather not eat the skin, you may be wondering about the most ideal way to peel your kiwi. After all, they're relatively petite fruits, so if you peel them the same way you would many other fruits or vegetables, you might end up wasting quite a bit of the juicy flesh. Not to mention that ripe kiwis are typically softer than many other fruits and vegetables, and once you start peeling them they can become quite slippery as myrecipes warns, making peeling the skin even more difficult.

If you're looking for the easiest way to skin your kiwi, it's time to put down your peeler or paring knife and pick up a tool you may not have thought to reach for — luckily, it's not a specialty tool. It's something that you're pretty much guaranteed to have in your kitchen, even if you're not much of a cook.

Spoon out that flavorful interior

The tool of choice for skinning your kiwi should be a simple spoon, according to The Pioneer Woman – yes, the same type of spoon you use to scoop up your cereal or soup. All you need to do is slice the end off of your kiwi, and then insert your spoon into the fruit, as close to the skin as you possibly can. As instructables cooking clarifies, the cupped side of the spoon should be facing the kiwi while the back should be facing the skin, so you're essentially following the shape of the fruit itself.

Once your spoon is in there, you can just run it along the exterior of the fruit, sticking close to the skin. Within seconds, you'll have the skin and the fruit separated, and you can simply slide the fruit out to enjoy. Though the end portions are removed, your kiwi is almost entirely intact, so you can slice it horizontally, vertically, or in a variety of ornamental ways.

If you're looking for a video tutorial to envision exactly how this hack is done, Saveur has one that will walk you through it. However, there is one thing to be mindful of. The Pioneer Woman notes in her blog post that this tip works best if the kiwi is ripe. If you're dealing with an unripe, hard kiwi, you may not be quite as successful with this method. It is, after all, one of the foods you've been eating wrong all your life.