Five Guys' Newest Offerings Take The Brand Beyond Burgers And Fries

"Wow, that's a nice jacket, man. Where did you get it? Is it Gucci?" one passerby says, to which a well dressed fellow replies, "Nah, brother, it's McDonald's. I'm dripping like fryer grease."

The worlds of fashion and fast food, at first glance, seem to be two completely separate concepts totally contrasting from each other. That's why the above conversation probably sounds so unlikely. Fashion is often seen as high-brow and elite, while fast food is stereotypically seen as low-brow and pedestrian. But, on more than one occasion, fast food and fashion have combined forces.

McDonald's, through its Golden Arches Unlimited store, sells a variety of apparel, such as cross-body bags, Grimace socks, and retro T-shirts. Taco Bell has its own online store, too, carrying clothes, backpacks, and pins that combine a Southern California vibe with Taco Bell's trademark design. Even KFC has launched Colonel & Co., a store offering wares such as baby jumpers designed after Colonel Sanders' suit. It seems that fast food companies are betting on the assumption that even if a customer won't eat their products, they just might wear them.

Jumping on board the trend of going from fryer to fashion is burger joint Five Guys. Amid a sea of fast food-themed clothing options, just how does this chain plan to stand out?

Five Guys is leaning on Americana-styled fashion

What kind of apparel is Five Guys selling, exactly? A scratch-and-sniff pin that smells like freshly made fries? A pair of slippers in the shape of its signature peanuts? While these are good guesses, Five Guys instead seems to be selling its own brand of Americana-themed streetwear. As the online store shows, the range of attire extends from hoodies to acid-washed T-shirts bearing everything from the Five Guy's logo to varying designs of burgers. If clothes aren't your style, then you could also select from a variety of other accessories, such as trucker hats, lunch coolers, tote bags, and summer-themed merchandise, like tailgate tables and burger coasters. 

If you're looking for something that's a bit more "designer" in style, you may have to look out of the USA to find it. Five Guys does sell trendy threads like varsity jackets and snapbacks — but only through the company's United Kingdom store (via Secret London). As if to fit the Americana theme, the U.K. store launched on July 4, perhaps as a show of spreading American independence and fashion to its neighbors across the ocean. The color palette is black, white, gray, and red, and the items range from about $12 to $90.

While you probably won't get any special deals if you come into your local Five Guys wearing the brand's merchandise, if you're a Five Guys fanatic, then you do have a whole new wardrobe to explore.