The Freeze Pop Hack That Had TikTok Freaking Out

Freeze pops, Popsicles, freezies, ice pops ... whatever you call them, these frozen sticks are among the most popular frozen summer snacks. Maybe they were part of your childhood birthday parties or after-dinner desserts. Made from sweetened, colored water, these treats have delighted sugar lovers since the early '60s, per Eater.

But it's hard not to picture the rainbow-colored frozen sticks without thinking about one little annoyance: opening them. Some brands offer them in plastic with jagged edges, leading you to believe you can easily rip one apart with your fingers. But unless you have sharp nails, a firm grip, and very skinny fingers, it's next to impossible. Other brands offer a smoother edge, making it even more difficult.

The other option is to use your teeth. This method works for some people, but not everyone. And when all else fails, you whip out the scissors or a knife. You can either snip the entire top off or cut a slit along the side to control the mess.

Thanks to a TikTok video, though, freeze pop lovers now know of a third method. Breaking it in half with your hands. No teeth. No scissors. No knife. Perhaps you already knew about this hack, but based on many of the video comments, it seems many people were "today years old" when they learned about it.

Does the freeze pop hack actually work?

TikTok creator Shelby Brazzell filmed the now-viral video from her kitchen, where she snaps the freeze pop (which she calls a Popsicle, but let's save the name debate for another day) into two pieces, creating a "pop" sound. The video left many viewers jaw-dropped and wishing they'd tried it when they were kids. And of course, many viewers like @caitlintasker45 attempted the hack themselves to see if it worked. "Mind blown. I'm trying this right now," she commented.

For some viewers, the "pop" was a success. @Paris commented, "IT WORKS OMG." Others thanked Brazzell for sharing the video, but others were left disappointed. @RoxyRoxy686 commented, "Ugh it didn't work for my otter pops. I just ended up with a crushed middle lol."

So, why does the trick work for some people but not others? Some commenters claim the freeze pops have to be frozen solid, so if yours didn't work like @RoxyRoxy686, it might be because they weren't in the freezer long enough. (Or, maybe your freezer isn't cold enough.)