Francis Mallmann Shares The Unique Reason He Doesn't Eat Fast Food - Exclusive

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When you're a world-renowned chef you've likely tried many types of delicious foods. Francis Mallmann is known for his incredible palette and creating decadent meat dishes for his customers that he makes over an open-flame. However, even if he's in a rush for time, he explained to Mashed in an exclusive interview that he prefers to make something at home, rather than pulling up to a local drive-thru.

"I live in Argentina, we are not very used to ordering food," he explained. "I like to go to the kitchen and cook something delicious in 20 minutes or 30 minutes. We spend a lot of time at the table in Argentina at lunch and at dinner. We sit. We set the table. We talk. Then we wash." The restaurateur even admitted that he enjoys washing the dishes after a meal. "I don't want to sound prehistoric, but I love washing my pans and my pots and my plates," Mallmann told us. "I just love it."

The famous chef believes that ambiance is crucial

Mallmann said that he enjoys the experience of a meal and everything it involves, which is not as easily created while eating fast food in a hurry. "I came into this business of cooking because of all that is around food, the table, the flowers, the music, the happiness, the silence, and then obviously, the delicious food," he explained. "But what really touched me is what happens humanly at the table because when we sit to eat, we sit to share."

The 66-year-old revealed that he believes something transformative can take place when everyone is gathered together at a meal. "Maybe you have a fight, it happens," he admitted. "But generally we sit down and we talk. We are witty. We have different thoughts. We discuss things. We have wine. And that's the beauty of it. The important thing is that we were sitting, we were talking and we were sharing and we didn't have the same points of view, but we had a nice time."

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