33% Of Shake Shack Fans Said This Is The Absolute Best Sandwich

Shake Shack is known for its delicious burgers and decadent ice cream, however, the chain actually got its start selling hot dogs. But even though customers at the first Shake Shack couldn't order a burger, the company has become a formidable force in fast food.

Shake Shack has set itself apart from its competitors with its "gourmet" style burgers. While it is a fast casual restaurant, the company reportedly approaches sourcing, making, and selling its products like a luxury dining establishment (per Shake Shack). It's one of the reasons why Shake Shack is so expensive. With multiple locations in and outside of the U.S., the company has earned itself fans who faithfully devour the burgers on its official and secret menus. But of course, only one of Shake Shack's burgers can be deemed the best by its followers. And Mashed conducted a survey to uncover which bite deserves the crown.

Fans feel the ShackBurger is superior

In a poll of 526 U.S. residents, the ShackBurger was voted the best sandwich Shake Shack has to offer your taste buds. Winning 33.65% of the vote, Shake Shack's first venture into burger making continues to be respondents' favorite sandwich to pair with its fries.

The Shroom Burger, which is the only vegetarian burger on Shake Shack's menu, has also struck a chord with fans. The fried-mushroom sandwich took second place with 20.34% of the vote. Following the Shroom Burger was the SmokeShack, which substitutes lettuce and tomato for applewood-smoked bacon and chopped cherry peppers, with 17.68% of votes. Coming in at an impressively close fourth place was the Chicken Shack at 17.49%. 

The sandwich deemed to be voters' least favorite Shake Shack burger option was the Shack Stack with 10.84% of support. The Shack Stack is made by combining the chain's classic cheeseburger with the Shroom Burger. According to respondents, however, it's not the best pairing. Since Shake Shack's classic ShackBurger was named the favorite, it would appear that voters prefer a no-frills option above all else.