Cold Stone Hits A High Score With Its New Game Collaboration

Cold Stone Creamery first opened its doors in the '80s. In the decades since the brand started churning out fresh ice cream to the public, the company has become known not only for its great tasting products, but also for its fun collaborations with some pretty impressive names.

The ice cream producer joined forces with DC Comics to celebrate the release of the Wonder Woman movie in 2017. Per their Facebook page, the ice cream chain released Wonder Berry Bold — a gold and red ice cream flavor sold in a cup also themed to the hero — to promote the film.

Earlier this year, Cold Stone Creamery worked with cereal mogul General Mills to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The company released a delightfully green-colored Lucky Charms flavor that was perfect for helping ice cream fans invoke the luck of the Irish (via Fox Business). And now Cold Stone has teamed up with one of the leading video game developers to level up their ice cream.

Nintendo and Cold Stone created video game-themed ice cream flavors

According to a press release from Cold Stone Creamery, the ice cream company has come together with Nintendo, the video game producer behind iconic characters like Mario, to release three exclusive new themed flavors and one ice cream cake. All of these limited edition treats are inspired by some of Nintendo's most adored video games.

The new flavors include The Mighty Pink Puff, a strawberry ice cream influenced by "Kirby and the Forgotten Land," and Island Getaway, a chocolate-based ice cream themed for "Animal Crossing: New Horizons." The last flavor, a rainbow-sprinkled homage to "Mario Party" known as Superstar Sprinkle Blast, is also the ice cream used in the collaboration's cake.

While Nintendo lovers may think this collaboration is too sweet to be true, this is not the first time Nintendo and Cold Stone have come together to make beloved video game titles into delicious ice cream treats. In 2019, the two joined forces to throw "Super Mario Bros." a 35th birthday party, per Cold Stone Creamery's website. The partnership sparked exclusive desserts like Mario's Super Star Shake and a Mario's Super Birthday blast flavor. Although video game fans will only be able to enjoy the new flavors from the two businesses' current team-up until the end of September, Nintendo and Cold Stone may continue their partnership with other video game ice cream in the future.