The Grandma-Approved Peach Hack Padma Lakshmi Loves

What started as a hosting gig on an, albeit, very popular cooking show, Top Chef, has blossomed Padma Lakshmi's career, making her a premiere and expert voice in the food scene. Since then, her cookbooks have won numerous awards and she's contributed culinary advice to many magazines. She's even curated a "syndicated column on fashion and food for The New York Times." 

And while she has been known to dish out her own cooking advice and hacks, her expertise does not mean she is above learning some new tricks from other sources. Lakshmi has been known to copy the occasional hack like the time she raved over a condiment-forward soup hack she came across on TikTok or the time she retweeted a potato chip bag closing hack. So it is no surprise that she is reposting yet another kitchen hack, this one with the incredibly summer-friendly focus on the best way to remove pits from a peach.

Doing peachy

For those who eat peaches, the act of removing the pit is pretty much akin to removing a pit from an avocado, namely, it is not pleasant. But Lakshmi's latest TikTok find eliminates that issue ... as long as you have a pair of needle nose pliers. In a video Lakshmi posted to her Instagram from TikTok, @loriwoosley walks followers through her process of minimal waste peach pit removal.

She instructs viewers to clean of the pliers before use, then "insert it all the way into the peach" then make sure it is securely around the pit before turning it and yanking it out. The method keeps the pit intact and preserves most of the peach so you can get the most out of your juicy bites. Lakshmi raved over the hack asking fans if they have tried it. 

Fan's minds were just as blown, with one calling the trick illuminating and another calling it "grade A, tried and true grandma" advice. Looks like she may have just saved summer for peach-lovers.