Padma Lakshmi Can't Deal With This Next-Level Soup 'Hack'

Any foodie who knows Padma Lakshmi is likely to pay attention when she weighs in on social media. The "Top Chef" host has more than a million Instagram followers and never fails to keep them entertained. If she's not responding to injustices in the real world, she's posting down-to-earth cooking videos.

And if there's one thing fans know about her food predilections, it's that Lakshmi is a huge condiment fan. We've heard about her refrigerator, with 80% of its cooling space dedicated to bottles and jars of flavor (a great percentage of which we suspect she made herself), according to one Instagram post she shared in January. Lakshmi's spicy green chutney and mint-date sauce are two of her go-to sauce recipes.

Still, there's such a thing as too many condiments, even for Lakshmi. In April, she reposted an Instagram video of one person who went a bit overboard with the seasoning, and it's nothing short of hilarious.

What's up with all the condiments?

The soup "hack" in question presents itself in the form of a video originally posted on the Instagram account Asians Never Die, which is chock-a-block with the funniest of memes. Padma Lakshmi is something of a meme connoisseur herself, so it would be little wonder if she spent her time roving around this particular page. 

The video shows a man loading up a bowl of soup with condiment upon condiment. "I can't live without my condiments, but omg! ... This guy is next level," Lakshmi wrote in her April 9 Instagram caption. "Wonder who made the soup and what they think!" She's not wrong — seasoning your food before tasting it is one of the things that annoy chefs. And we can't imagine anyone would be too happy to see someone essentially creating an entirely new dish out of their soup creation.

"At this point no need for the food underneath," one commenter wrote on Lakshmi's Instagram post. "Without even tasting it I just know that's far too much," another commented. There's such a thing as too much seasoning, and it looks like this person reached it.