The GBBO Winner Who Beat Her Own World Record

Any fan of "The Great British Bake Off" knows that over the various series of the show, the contestants have come up with some truly jaw-dropping creations. From intricately molded loaves of bread to gravity-defying cakes with painstakingly created decorations, from dishes with unexpected flavor combinations to simple treats that are flawlessly executed, they've done it all.

And, many of the contestants don't stop their baking once they're off the show. Thanks to the power of social media, they can continue to build their fan base as they share their sweet creations, collaborations with other companies, cookbooks, and more. However, one former winner, Frances Quinn, had her sights set on something a little more extreme. Quinn, who won the fourth series of the show, has spent the years since then running a food blog and creating custom cakes, as per Us Magazine. She also decided to try to snag a baking-related world record, which she accomplished in 2017. However, not one to rest on her laurels, she broke her own record by leveling up her creation even more.

It wasn't just a whim that led her to try to one up herself five years after setting the record. As ITV reports, the record-breaking treat was created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of "Britain's Got Talent." While Quinn wasn't auditioning for the show with her baked good, we have a feeling the judges were majorly impressed by the feat she pulled off.

The record-breaking creation

To secure her name in the world record book, Frances Quinn made an absolutely massive Jaffa cake. For those on the other side of the pond who aren't familiar, as the tasty treat isn't quite as popular in the United States as it is in the United Kingdom, a Jaffa cake is essentially a circular slab of sponge cake topped with a layer of orange jelly and coated with chocolate, as The Irish Times explains. They first hit shelves in 1927, created by McVitie's and Price. And in the decades since, many other brands have made their own versions — and plenty of clever bakers have whipped up homemade Jaffa cakes as well.

The world record-breaking Jaffa cake that Quinn constructed was roughly the size of 6,557 regular Jaffa cakes, according to ITV. The super-sized treat required a serious amount of ingredients to construct: more than 160 eggs, 33 pounds of orange jelly, and more than 17 pounds of dark chocolate.

Of course, a baked good that large isn't something that's just whipped up in a home kitchen. Quinn teamed up with McVitie's to figure out how to construct the larger-than-life Jaffa cake, and they whipped it up at McVitie's innovation bakery. It certainly wasn't an easy process — apparently, about 11 hours of work went into making it. But the resulting treat broke a world record and satisfied hungry guests and crew members at the "Britain's Got Talent" semi-finals.