The Magic Spoon Innovation Instagram Is Begging To Come Back

Admit it. You've done it. You get a bowl of your favorite cereal, and it sadly comes to an end. But you still have the scrumptious, now cereal-flavored milk at the bottom of the bowl. You pick up the bowl, put it to your lips, and begin to slurp down the milk. Then it pours all over the front of your shirt. You mutter an expletive and proceed to change. But, imagine if this apparel disaster could be avoided. The company Magic Spoon – which sells what it calls "healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true" – tried to supply a solution to this age-old problem with the Magic Stroon. A combination of a spoon and a straw, this gadget allows people to eat cereal with the spoon end, then suck up the milk with the straw end.

Magic Spoon took to Instagram on April 1 – leading some to suggest the product was an April Fool's joke – to announce the release of the Magic Stroon and even temporarily renamed the company Magic Stroon to celebrate the new innovation. The Insta post advertised a free Stroon with any purchase that day with a "while supplies last" caveat.

Magic Stroons enchanted Instagram

A spokesperson for Magic Spoon marketed the Magic Stroon like it was, well, "magic" (via Dieline). While they were apparently referring to "simultaneous access to both milk and cereal of the Stroon," the iridescent color and twisted handle/straw might conjure images of unicorns and sparkles. However, the magic may have come in the form of a disappearing act instead. The promotion was wildly popular, and the Stroons soon sold out (via Instagram), but not before Magic Spoon posted another pic of the product, this time with a model excited to imminently slurp up their cereal milk.

Cereal lovers took to the comments of both posts to share their intrigue. Instagrammer @jordteel wrote, "this is actually a pretty dope idea lol drink the cereal milk once you finish!" User @the_sprawl also chimed in, writing, "Ok but I actually want this." Magic Spoon replied to assure them "it's legit!" Over on the other post, user @drinkaurabora spoke to the practicality of the product, writing that "this just makes sense." User @hannahstaceyofficial voiced their approval with affection, posting, "The best spoons" followed by four heart-eyed emojis.

Other users who weren't able to jump on the promotion before it sold out are begging Magic Spoon to bring back the Stroon. Some asked about restocking it, and one person practically pleaded, "I want one so bad ... when are you making more??" and cemented the point with two crying emojis.